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Pandemic Work

Ration Kits To Families Throughout Lockdown

(Covered 3000+families all over Mumbai)

Cooked Meals Providing 2ce A Day In Affected Areas

(Covering over 5000 families in mumbai)

Multivitamins(Zincovit) Tablets To Adults,syrup To Children.

(Covered 10,000 individuals in Mumbai and UP respectively)

Safety Masks And Sanitizers To Frontline Officers

(All police stations from Chembur-Mira road)

Sanitization Of Public Toilets, Co-operative Housing Soc, Slums

(From Chembur-Mira Bhayandar)

Providing Thermal Guns And Oximeters In Public Toilets

(500 Covered so far around mumbai)

Regularly Providing Refreshments To On Duty Frontline Officers And Daily Wage Workers

(Each day covering minimum 500 all over mumbai)

Providing Sanitary Napkins To Women In Rural Tribal Areas In & Around Maharashtra

(Covered 2000 individuals)

Employment To Widows,sole Earning Members Of Family

(Providing work opportunity and materials for the same,Covered 4women)

Meals To Stray Animals And Birds, Feeding Twice A Day

(50+ each day in various parts of mumbai and all over Maharashtra)